@tipsforstudents on social media!

Find me on Twitter and Instagram!

I receive a lot of questions about school and education. So, I have made a Twitter and an Instagram account!

Twitter: @tipzforstudents

Yay or nay?

Instagram: @tipsforstudents

I will be discussing tips, like the ones I upload here, as well as giving encouragements, quotes, and reminders! These accounts will bless you feed so make sure to pull out your phones and click follow!


Do you like debating?

The accounts, especially @tipsforstudents on Instagram will become a home for you to rant about school or debate about Common Core. Everyone can comment thoughts on trending issues relating to school and we can all discuss. Exciting, right?

Education is very important, especially for this generation. Our future depends on how well we do in school. However, a lot of learning happens outside the classroom. How important is what we learn in school? How could we benefit from changes in the system? Discuss all these issues and more with people who care as much as you do!

IQ Test
IQ Test

@tipsforstudents on social media!

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